General Questions:

Yes, this is possible, but with a few limitations. Granite variants with different colors occurring within a particular region can be clubbed, but from different regions may result in high transportation cost, which would reflect in the final price of the product; hence not feasible. For customers’ convenience, we have defined what all can be combined from different zones within South and North India.
Granite products are available in a number of finishes that include honed, flamed, flamed + brushed, leather finish, lapatora and sandblasted.
Weight loading specification varies from country to country. For example, maximum container weight allowed in Europe is 27 tonnes, whereas it is 21 tonnes in the US.
For 27-tonne container:
  • 2 cm – 400 m2
  • 3 cm – 300m2

For 21-tonne container:

  • 2 cm – 300m2
  • 3cm = 220m2
It’s been almost 20 years into the business of granite export.

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